1 person Float pod experience special

Enjoy an hr float pod experience, consultation required on 1st visit

  • 1 hour
  • 49 Australian dollars
  • Floathouse

Service Description

ADD Sauna for $25 Immerse yourself for 1hr to relax and float away from the stress and troubles of the day, or unwind and release any tension or knots. If you think you will be claustrophobic you may leave the lid ajar or entirely open. You may have the music or lights on or off. Totally your choice. A shower is required before and after your float, to maintain the hygienic environment in the pod and also to wash the salt from hair and skin afterward in beautiful rainwater. All hair and skin products are supplied along with your towel. SWIMMERS ARE OPTIONAL. You will experience floating in a pod of 300 kg of Epsom salts. Float therapy works to relieve pain, aid in muscle recovery, and ease the mind to release stress and promote relation. It can also reduce blood pressure, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, enhance creativity and mental alertness. Helps with restless legs and overall cramping

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Divinity Spa, 553 Anzac Avenue, Drayton QLD, Australia